Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our busy summer

Summer has been busy and fun for our family all at the same time.
We have helped with Youth Conference, went to girls camp, went to Aspen's high Adventure, went camping, had a crazy 4th of July party, had Grandma Jill here to visit to watch the kids while we were at girl's camp, did Rally on the Rocks, and a few Sandhollow days. Have felt like we have only had a few days to be lazy and just hang out!!! 
As fast as the summer has gone, we are almost to the end and in 4 weeks school begins again. But before we go back to school we have a few more adventures.
Aspen is headed out to Ohio tomorrow (Sunday). He is planning on driving himself to the Las Vegas airport, and he will be flying out to Ohio to go to the limited edition EFY in kirkland. This is something that he wanted to go and do since this will be his last time before he goes on his mission. As a mother I am nervous, but it is time to let him grow up and become a man. He will do great. He has to begin to be responsible sometime without me holding his hand I guess. I am going to really miss him this next week!!! It's gonna be a long one!!
Football season for Sam and Burk is getting ready to begin, which means Lanse is crazy busy. Not only is he coaching Sam and Burk's team, he is the owner of the little league football here in St. George. It is called SUNYFL (southern Utah Nevada football league). It has been quit the experience buying this league and trying to make it what he wants and make it better, and there are so many things out of our hands and control, that sometimes it feels impossible to make anything better. I am sure he will do great running this league though. Lanse has a great friend and supporter that has been with him every step of the way through this process, he couldn't have done half what he has without this man. (Thank you Gator!!)
Life is always an adventure, we never know day to day what will present itself to Lanse and I, but we are so thankful for what we have and where we are and for our family and friends. 

4th of july party

Rally on the Rocks

Girls Camp

Girls Camp

Girls Camp

Youth Conference

Girls Camp


Fathers day 2014




camping with dad photo bombing!!

Aspen singing while out in the machines camping

swim days

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aspen's Sandhollow Worc race

Aspen was in the UTV Worc race at Sandhollow on Saturday. He was in the production 1000 class and he ended up taking 6th out of 26 cars. He did great!!! I think he is pretty darn excited.
He got lined up and off he went when the flag waved. I have to say that as a mother I was extremely nervous, I mean after all he is only 17 years old and as a teenager, I think he has lost a few a his brain cell's. (I am anxious for they day the cell's come back!!) He got crowded out shooting the hole, but tore it up on his first lap, and realized that he would not finish the race if he continued to run his race this way, so he found his grove after the first lap, and slowly just picked the racers off. There were a couple of times that his machine was on two wheels as he came around some bends, which is probably a good thing I didn't see this, I might not have let him race ever again. As much as this sport makes me nervous, I do have to say that I love the smile that it puts on my son's face as he does his rides. As the race came to an end, we all were at the finish line to cheer him on, and his dad was anxious to see how much more damage was done to his car. I say this because Friday Aspen reran the course, and he had some major damage to the car. Like $3000.00 worth of damage. Lanse was not very happy about this, and was all prepared to have to get his straps out and do a recovery tow on Saturday. He didn't think Aspen would finish the race after he seen Fridays event. But Aspen did finish and we are very proud of him!!!! He did great!!!! He already can't wait to do another race!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sophie-Taylors 8th Birthday

Happy 8th Birthday Sophie-Taylor!!

Today we celebrated Sophie's 8th Birthday. Her birthday party with all of her friends was so much fun. She ended up with 18 girls at her party. She had a rainbow themed crazy fun birthday. We had a big blow up bounce house/ slide, a photo booth area, a kissing booth area (with hershey kisses), a face painter, a cotton candy machine, a fishing pond area, and a BBQ. We had a blast!!! She has such cute little friends, and even Alexis and Alyssa and their friend enjoyed it and was on top of making all the cotton candy, keeping the fishing pond going, keeping track of the kissing booth, keeping all Sophie's presents in order, printing off pictures of all the kids. I could never have pulled off this fun party without my girls!!!! Lanse is still injured from his machine mishap, and is on crutches and cannot put any weight on his foot or leg, so he was my BBQ'er. He did a fabulous job and we had yummy hotdogs!!!
It doesn't seem real that my little (big) Sophie is 8. I am so happy that she is mine. I love her with all my heart. She makes me smile everyday. She is an amazing little girl who loves her family and friends. She is very funny and is going up to be a wonderful little girl.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Jr. Prom 2014 Desert Hills High School

Aspen & Taylor 
Jr. Prom 2014

Aspen went to his Jr. Prom at Desert Hills High School on Saturday. I do have to say he asked such a cute girl. She was just beautiful.
They had a group of 18. The boys went and picked up thier dates at 10:00 am, and went to walmart and bought some t-shirts. Then they all headed to the park where they had a pickle ball tournament and paint ball fight and lunch. After their afternoon date, they took the girls back home to get ready for the evening. When Aspen returned he was covered head to toe in paint. I am surprised it all came off him. He did end up with a spot on the side of his back that he couldn't get off. It was a purplish black color that covered most of his side. It looks like someone just beat the crap out of him!!!! Good thing it doesn't show!!
They went and picked up their dates at 4:00 and went to a beautiful location and had all their pictures taken. The girl who took the pictures did a fabulous job!!! I wish I could put them all on the blog, but there were too many!
They came back to our place after pictures and hung out for a while before their dinner reservations. which I am glad they did so I could see Aspen and his date in person and get a cute picture of them myself. They had such a cute group of kids. They are all pretty funny!
The headed off to dinner and evidentially it took them 2 hours to each, so I don't think the got to the dance until around 9:30. Then they ended up back at our house till midnight. They all seemed to have a nice prom. It was so fun to watch all these cute kids and the girls that they choose and how beautiful the young ladies are.